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July 17, 2017
Santa’s 7P’s of Marketing
July 21, 2017

Potential_Kreative Reef

Inside each of us is potential
Potential, that goes unexplored;
For which we blame circumstances…
To justify opportunities ignored.

In a life consumed with distraction
It is especially easy to forget;
Our time here is limited…
Mediocrity is our threat.

Remember that the world is eager
For value, you could create;
It’s store of wealth is limitless…
It’s needs for ambition are great.

The best books haven’t been written
The best races haven’t been run;
The best things haven’t been made yet…
Great victories are yet to be won.

So the next time you sit wondering
Saying there’s nothing more you can do;
Remember, every choice has meaning ..
It all comes down to you.

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