A good marketer is always a little crazy

ccblue ocean-01russian dolls-01social media fuel-01perception is value-01pool-01inbound marketing-01clown king-01clickbait-01brand value-01-01blue ocean-011_santa walk-012maslow key-01womans day-01payday-01storytelling-01-01watch concept-01blogs to lead-01trends change-01-01STAGES BRAND GROWTH_saurabh timochin_kreativereef-011_santa walk-01diwali pearl-01-01social media fuel-01millenials-01maslow hierachy-01insights-01fonts emotion-01customer journey-01-01convienence beats price-01brand memory-01brand commodity-01luxoticca-01hashtag talk-01

Video Watch_Kreative Reef
Consumer Interest
video marketing
Video Marketing Growth
sharing economy-01
The New Economy
Satisfaction Visualized
Dimensions of Satisfaction
sales funnel-01-01
The Sales Funnel
Sales Close_Kreative Reef
Sales = Efforts

ROI Dashboard


Likeable Content
Why things get LIKED

ice to eskimo-01emails per day-01e4570a54-10e0-47e1-ad15-7f196f6a4bd0-originalDimensions of ValueDiamond new-01-01-01-01Customers will paycustomer satisfaction Saurabh timochinconvienence FINAL-01Content Marketing is Kingads per day FINAL-01Attention Span_Kreative Reef2 sides-Same coinBrands will fall_Kreative ReefCommodity vs Brand

organic vs innovation-01
Innovate is the only sustainable form of growth
Stages Brand growth Saurabh timochin-01-01
Stages of Brand Growth

2maslow key-01blue ocean-01brand value-01-011_santa walk-01clickbait-01clown king-01maslow key-01inbound marketing-01pool-01perception is value-01social media fuel-01russian dolls-01Tea Rex-01watch concept-01



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